Frequently Asked Questions

You will find answers to all of your most common Electrical Services related questions located here.

24 Hour Power is a fully mobile service that comes to your property for your plumbing and electrical services. Our trucks are fully stocked so most requested work can be carried out at once.

24 Hour Power have a 7 year workmanship warranty for works. We have a one (1) year manufacturer warranty for faulty products.

Depending on the works requested, our technician will advise you on site how long it will take to complete.

24 Hour Power will confirm your appointment time with you the day before by sending an SMS reminder to your mobile number. In the event, an appointment cannot be kept, an alternative time can easily be scheduled.

Firstly, it is wise to call your service provider (i.e. Ausgrid/Energy Australia) to see if there is a blackout in your area. If they detect there is no blackout then you can call 24 Hour Power 24/7 to restore your power for you. Handy tip: Food in the fridge and/or freezer will keep cold for approximately 24 hours provided doors are kept shust most of the time.

if you do not have a fire in your home and your smoke alarm keeps beeping, it might mean the battery life is low and the batteries need replacing. One way of keeping track is to make sure you change the batteries all the time – rechargeable batteries do not work efficiently. Another reason can be the life of the smoke alarm has ended, they usually have a life of 8-10 years. Call 24 Hour Power so we can have a professional replace the smoke alarm for you.

Utilise power board: A power board can supply electricity to multiple appliances at the same time and allows you to switch off all appliances using the same switch.
Check the lights: Turn off lights in the rooms you’re not using to save energy.
Use timers and sensors: Use programmable timers and sensors to light outside sections
Separate your lighting: Separate the lights so you can choose which areas to light. light outside areas.
Conserve energy: Keep curtains and outside window shades closed to reduce the amount of energy needed to maintain a consistent temperature inside. Rather than heat your bedroom, add another blanket to your bed or use an electric blanket, wheat bag or hot water bottle.

We offer a variety of lighting products including decorative colonial, cobra head, directional floodlights, and security lights. We can customize plans to fit any lighting need.

Our electricians carry a lot of electrical parts – fuses, spare lights, switches, wire, cables etc. We certainly hope to carry a wide range of parts to enable us to fix and replace faulty parts and get your electrical system working as quickly as possible. However, with the diversity of electrical systems and RCD units, it is just not possible to carry every part that you might come across.

You should contact a fully qualified electrician, such as 24 Hour Power who will be happy to reassure you and visit your premises if needs be.

All the views and opinions expressed on this page are given for guidance only and are our interpretation of hypothetical circumstances; we cannot accept any liability for any actions taken as a result of this guidance. We strongly recommend that all electrical work is designed, installed maintained and tested by a suitably qualified electrician.

As always with electrical installation work you should consult a suitably qualified person.

No job is too big or too small for 24 Hour Power. Whether you need to completely upgrade your home’s electrical service or simply install outlets or, additional wiring for a new spa, security system, or family entertainment center, we can handle it

Simply call 0473522769 or complete our contact form and we’ll get in touch within 24 hours to prepare an estimate for your project.